06/23/2012 03:13 PM.
On 06/23/12 at approximately 1513 hours Officer Palkovic responded to 1421 Taney Ave for a theft report. The victim advised that when he went to take his medication he noticed the bottle was missing. He advised that earlier in the day a neighbor came into his apartment uninvited but he did not notice her take anything. The officer responded to the neighbor’s residence and met with a female who he identified as Donna Dee Doty Shupe. He noticed a bulge in her pocket and asked what is in your pocket? Shupe pulled a bottle of pills from her pocket. The name on the bottle of pills was the victims. Shupe was arrested and transported to Central Booking. Arrestee: Shupe, Donna Dee Doty 08/18/1968 1400 block Taney Ave Frederick, MD Charges: Burglary Theft Arresting Officer: Officer Joseph Palkovic Officer completing release: Cpl. Angela Waechter Case report number: 12-39114 View Source.

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