Burglary - 11XX S CAMAS AVE; U:19, WAPATO, WA

06/27/2012 01:43 PM.
BURGLARY. poss burg in the area 13:43:57 06/27/2012 - Caldwell D TO OPEN FOR 23 AT 1800 PER 16 13:45:43 06/27/2012 - Campbell A ON S CAMAS / WAPATO SIDE OF SR97 // ORANGE BUILDING - COMMERCIAL ACROSS FROM THE WAPATO SCHOOL MAINT BUILDING / TWO SUBJ TRYING TO BREAK INTO BLDG BOTH NATIVE NO CLOTHING DESC 13:45:59 06/27/2012 - Campbell A TRYING TO BREAK INTO THE FRONT 13:46:50 06/27/2012 - Campbell A RP WAS A PASSERBY, RP xxxx 509 985 xxxx Case number: 12C08958.

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