06/19/2012 02:27 PM.
DOMESTIC. 18 YR SON FIGHTING 14:29:01 06/19/2012 - Trickey A xxxx xxxx 12-28-93 IS HIGH ON HERION//IN A VERBAL W/ 14:29:29 06/19/2012 - Trickey A VERBAL W/FATHER NOW BUT ASSAULTED SISTER EARLIER BY GRABBING HER HEAD AND THROWING HER INTO A TREE//MEDICAL REFUSED 14:31:00 06/19/2012 - Trickey A YELLING AND CURSING IN THE BACK GROUND 14:33:22 06/19/2012 - Trickey A ALL SUBJ IN THE HOUSE//REFUSING TO GO OUTSIDE 14:34:05 06/19/2012 - Trickey A RP'S DAUGHTER IS 16YO xxxx xxxx 1-21-96 14:35:07 06/19/2012 - Trickey A CAN STILL HEAR YELLING IN THE BACK GROUND 14:35:57 06/19/2012 - Trickey A RP IS xxxx xxxx 3-18-77//HUSBAND Xxxx xxxx 6-8-72 14:36:03 06/19/2012 - Trickey A xxxx DOES LIVE HERE 14:36:56 06/19/2012 - Trickey A NO WEAPONS 14:37:41 06/19/2012 - Trickey A FATHER SLAPPED xxxx AFTER xxxx ASSAULTED THE SISTER 14:37:51 06/19/2012 - Trickey A DAD AND xxxx STILL YELLLING AT EACHOTHER 14:39:30 06/19/2012 - Trickey A xxxx DOES NOT KNOW THAT HIS MOM CALLED THE SHERRIFS OFFICE 14:40:31 06/19/2012 - Trickey A PER RP YSO ON SCENE//WILL END CALL Case number: 12C08502.

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