06/17/2012 01:44 PM.
UPDATE: 11:58pm. Suspect surrenders to Doylestown Police. Now in custody. Doylestown Police have been engaged in a tense standoff all afternoon with a man identified as 42-year-old Richard Klementovich, a Clifton Township, New Jersey police officer. Klementovich has barricaded himself inside a home on Bittersweet Dr. in Doylestown Township, Bucks County, after Police responded to a call from neighbors of domestic disturbance at 1:44 pm. The home belongs to his estranged wife, she and her two kids are safe. Klementovich began firing shots at Police and SWAT on scene, hitting several police vehicles. One officer, Cpl. C. William Doucette, was hurt by concrete shrapnel when a bullet hit a curb. He will be ok. It is believed that Klementovich has a heavy arsenal of high powered rifles and large stock of ammunition in the house with him. View Source.

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