On 06/06/12, members of the Directed Patrol Unit conducted a saturation patrol aimed at the detection and recovery of stolen motor scooters after a rash of scooter thefts in the city. During the detail, officers observed several subjects, some of them known to police, surrounding two motor scooters on Colonial Way. While this observation was being made, a patrol officer was being dispatched to a motor scooter theft that had occurred the previous night in the Glen Echo apartments on Tuscanney Lane. When some of the subjects drove off on the scooters, officers followed them and saw them commit traffic violations. One of the subjects, a juvenile, was charged with operating a motor scooter without a license or permit, and for failure to stop at a stop sign. His parents responded to the scene to take custody of him and his scooter. The other scooter was briefly lost but later seen again. When an officer attempted contact with the operator, he abandoned the scooter and fled on foot. This scooter was found to be the one stolen from Glen Echo. Since the operator was known to officers, they contacted him and his mother at his residence. This juvenile was charged with theft and remained in his mother's custody. NAC: 5 Officer Preparing Release: CPL Corbett Arresting Officers: OFC Alvarez, OFC Malatesta Arrestee: Juvenile, 1600 block Colonial Way, Frederick MD Charge: Theft Under $1000 Arrestee: Juvenile, 2400 block Prentice Ct, Frederick MD Charge: Operating Motor Scooter Without Required License or Permit CR# 12-035165, 12-035176 View Source.

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