05/30/2012 11:00 PM.
ASSAULT WEAPON. ROBBERY AT GUNPOINT/ TRANS TO YSO 23:02:12 05/30/2012 - Widner K sb on s ahtanum blu nissan 23:03:05 05/30/2012 - Kampert C SUSP HAD A PISTOL BLU NISSAN PU LSH SB 23:05:11 05/30/2012 - Widner K TRIBAL ADVSD 23:06:58 05/30/2012 - Widner K WSP ADVSD 23:08:54 05/30/2012 - Kampert C SKINNY GUY 506 GRY SWT HODDIE BLU BAND OVER HIS FACE DRK CLOTHING POSS H/M 23:08:57 05/30/2012 - Widner K TOPPD ADVSD 23:09:56 05/30/2012 - Kampert C SUSP VEH LBL/BLU/GRN PU W/SPLASH OF PAINT ON RIGHT SIDE OF PU 23:21:26 05/30/2012 - Kampert C DELAYED/SUSP PU AT S FIR JEFFERSON CITY OF TOPP--SUSP SHOOTING BACK AT DEPUTIES PER 26 BUNDLE OF 1'S =20.00 5'S,10'S, AND 20'S TAKEN TOTALLING APPROX $400.00 00:11:53 05/31/2012 - Kampert C PER TRIBAL SUSP xxxx xxxx AND xxxx xxxx 00:51:10 05/31/2012 - Kampert C 35 NOTIFIED BY 36 01:10:21 05/31/2012 - Widner K C54 WILL BE ENRT AFTER PICKING UP PHOTO KIT FRM YSO. C90 WILL ALSO BE ENRT 01:19:55 05/31/2012 - Kampert C RQST FOR RECORDING ALREAY MADE Case number: 12C07449.

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