05/30/2012 07:02 PM.
RUNAWAY JUV. Incor juv 19:03:58 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D rp adv that she is having probs with her son 19:04:12 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D xxxx xxxx 1-22-97 19:04:41 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D adv he is very angry and agressive, ls walking near the canal 19:04:55 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D spanish speaker 19:05:39 05/30/2012 - Davis H RP ADVS SHE CANNOT LEAVE HOUSE BECAUSE SHE HAS A YOUNGER CHILD AT HOME WITH HER AND NO OTHER ADULT IN THE HOME 19:05:52 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D hm wearing wht shrt bro pants 19:06:01 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D ls heading towards n outlook rd 19:06:48 05/30/2012 - Ramirez D adv he was walking by the canal to scare her, no further info at this time Case number: 12C07435.

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