05/28/2012 08:39 PM.
DOMESTIC. INCORRIGIBLE JUVENILE 20:41:17 05/28/2012 - Campbell A JUV HITTING FURNIATURE TRYING TO HIT PEOPLE IN THE RESIDENCE / 17YOM xxxx / POSS HAS POCKET KNIFE / NOW PHYSICAL 20:44:19 05/28/2012 - Campbell A ALOT OF SCREAMING IN THE BACKGROUND / 2 HAVE BEEN ASSAULTER 20:45:05 05/28/2012 - Campbell A RP IS xxxx xxxx 509 759 xxxx 20:45:36 05/28/2012 - Campbell A NO WANTS / ORDERS ASSOC WITH MALE 20:54:10 05/28/2012 - Campbell A MEDICAL REQ BY T608 17YO MALE IN CUSTODY ADVS HE IS HAVING ASTHMA ATTK Case number: 12C07340.

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