Shooting - XX BURR ST; 3, BUENA, WA

05/20/2012 12:45 AM.
SHOTS FIRED. shots fired 00:46:06 05/20/2012 - Cruz B *** there is a vic / vic has been taken to hosp via private veh 00:46:07 05/20/2012 - Cruz B per rp 00:46:37 05/20/2012 - Campbell A DRIVE BY SHOOTING BLK HONDA ACC / SHOT RPS COUSIN -VIC ENRT POV TO TOPPENISH HOSP 00:47:50 05/20/2012 - Campbell A RP IS xxxx xxxx 509 480 xxxx 00:51:35 05/20/2012 - Campbell A MALE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK 1X 00:52:38 05/20/2012 - Campbell A BULLET WENT THRU WINDSHIELD OF P/U, MALE WAS STANDING OUTSIDE THE RESIDENCE WHEN STRUCK BY THE BULLET PER RP 00:54:52 05/20/2012 - Campbell A WSP ADVS / UNSURE IF RELATED TO PRIOR WSP SHOOTING WITH BLU HOND ACC 00:54:55 05/20/2012 - Campbell A TPPD ADVS 00:57:40 05/20/2012 - Campbell A VICTIM NAME xxxx xxxx 00:58:03 05/20/2012 - Campbell A RP THINKS THE VEH IS PASSING BY THE RESIDENCE 01:00:06 05/20/2012 - Campbell A ZPD ENRT TO ASSIST 01:01:25 05/20/2012 - Fry G Z806 SWITCHING TO LOOKOUT FOR CALL 01:03:29 05/20/2012 - Fry G TOPP ER ADV MALE W/GUN SHOT WOUND TO BACK HAS ARRIVED AT HOSPITAL / TRANSFERRED TO YSO 01:05:28 05/20/2012 - Fry G RP SECURITY GAURD Xxxx xxxx 01:10:49 05/20/2012 - Widner K CORRECT VIC NAME IS Xxxx xxxx DOB//092190 01:12:21 05/20/2012 - Widner K SHOWING A MISD WARRANT OUT OF TOPPD 02:35:44 05/20/2012 - Campbell A C85 ADVS GUNSHOT VIC IS STABLE Call type l reopened by Widner K at 03:50:51 05/20/12 Case number: 12C06860.

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