05/11/2012 07:01 PM.
THEFT. GLD PASS CAR/JUST STOLE MALE OUT OF HER MAILBOX/RP TRIED TO FOLLOW THEY TOOK OFF AT FAST PACE TWD BUENA 19:03:05 05/11/2012 - Caldwell D GLD SEDAN 2 M'S 1 SHORT HAIR 1 LONG HAIR POSS HISPANIC 19:09:45 05/11/2012 - Gonzalez J rp cb 19:09:52 05/11/2012 - Gonzalez J advs she followed veh 19:10:59 05/11/2012 - Caldwell D RP FOUND HER MAIL ON ROAD/ALSO THINKS THE SUSP VEH TURNED ON FLINT LN AND WENT UNDER FREEWAY 19:11:51 05/11/2012 - Caldwell D RP IN A WHI 2010 TOYT CAMRY 4D WILL STAND BY NEAR FLINT LN ON YVH Case number: 12C06401.

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