04/28/2012 02:08 PM.
BURGLARY. 14:09:19 04/28/2012 - Bertschi D POSS BURG/ OCC IN THE LAST WEEK 14:10:44 04/28/2012 - Trickey A RP IS xxxx xxxx 7-24-82 759- xxxx//COLD BURG Call type l reopened by Campbell A at 20:11:45 04/28/12 20:13:14 04/28/2012 - Campbell A C44 ADVS REOPEN THEN HOLD TILL 04/29 9AM /// FEMALE REQ CTC REF THE SUSPECT IN THE BURG SHAVING THEIR HEAD IN HER BATHROOM, THE HAIR IS IN THE GARBAGE CAN SHE HAS BEEN ADVISED TO LEAVE IT AS IT IS Case number: 12C05730.

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