04/28/2012 01:48 AM.
THREATS. DOMESTIC 01:51:10 04/28/2012 - Widner K RP xxxx xxxx 509 697 xxxx ADVSD xxxx xxxx 28YO M IS INTOX AND TEXTING AND CALLING HER DAUGHTER SAYING HE IS ON HIS WAY TO THE RES AND WILL HAVE A 9MM HANDGUN AND WILL USE IT TO GET IN THE RES IF THEY DONT LET HIM IN 01:52:04 04/28/2012 - Widner K 082884 IS xxxx DOB xxxx xxxx 011284 IS RPS DAUGHTER 01:54:25 04/28/2012 - Widner K RP NOW ADVSD xxxx SAID HE IS GOING TO GO BACK TO YAKIMA Case number: 12C05705.

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