Burglary - 10XX AMES RD, SELAH, WA

04/27/2012 05:50 PM.
BURGLARY. BURG/POSS IN PROGRESS 17:52:15 04/27/2012 - Campbell A RP ADVS ALARM IS AUDIBLE / OPEN DOOR BELIEVE SOMEONE IS INSIDE 17:52:23 04/27/2012 - Campbell A NO VEHICLES IN THE DRIVEWAY 17:53:10 04/27/2012 - Conger L JUST RECEIVED ALARM FROM ADT THERE FROM THE GARAGE. RESP xxxx xxxx ENRT IN GRY BUICK ETA 10 MIN 17:54:13 04/27/2012 - Campbell A RP xxxx xxxx 509 / RP IS IN ATTACHED GARAGE HAS BEEN ADVISED TO GAIN DISTANCE FROM RESIDENCE IF SHE BELIEVES SOMEONE IS INSIDE 17:54:24 04/27/2012 - Campbell A RP PH 509 930 xxxx Case number: 12C05683.

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