04/02/2012 03:57 AM.
On 04/02/12, at approximately 0357 hours, officers from the Frederick Police Department responded to 305 E. Fourth Street, Bopat Electric, for a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, officers discovered the suspects were stealing used car rims/wheels from the business next to Bopat Electric. That business was identified as Best Used Auto Parts. During the commission of the crime, the suspects were taking the used car rims/wheels from Best Used Auto Parts and loading the items into a van that was parked on the Bopat Electric property. The suspects were discovered when employees from the Bopat Electric Company arrived for work that morning. Upon being seen, the suspects fled, on foot, leaving behind the rented U-Haul van being used to store the stolen rims/wheels. The U-Haul van was found to be rented by one of the suspects involved. Through the course of the investigation, Christopher Reuel Dutton (B/M, 2-22-69) and Ciante Ryan Dutton (B/M, 12-6-91) of the 100 block of W All Saints St. in Frederick, MD, were determined to be the suspects. Based on evidence recovered at the scene and an admission by one of the suspects, Det. Holler applied for arrest warrants to be issued for the suspects. The warrants were granted and Christopher Dutton and Ciante Dutton were served at the FCADC. Christopher Dutton and Ciante Dutton were charged with the following: • Theft over $1000 • Attempt of theft under $1000 • Burglary 4th degree • Malicious destruction of property under $500 Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Det. Holler at, 301-600-6388. Case#: 12-20079 Lead detective: Det. Holler Author of release: Det. Holler View Source.

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