04/14/2012 07:35 PM.
Posted by communitynews on April 15, 2012 · Leave a Comment At about 7:35pm, on Saturday, April 14, 2012, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a call for six people spray painting at 29 Denny Street on the boardwalk. On arrival, officers observed blue spray paint on the stone pillars along the boardwalk. Officers observed six individuals who were drinking on the stairs on the boardwalk. Officers observed broken beer bottles rested next to the individuals seated on the stairs. Officers asked if anyone was spray painting and all replied, “No, No one here is spray painting we are just drinking.” Officers observed next to suspects a can of spray paint. Officers then observed more graffiti type spray paintings on the park bench, on the sidewalk, and on the park trash can, all same color as the spray paint can officers recovered. Officers spoke with a witness, who stated that while walking through the park on the boardwalk, he observed a male spray painting on the park barrel. Officers observed two of the suspects had grey and blue paint on their hands. The suspects, Tristan Preval, 17, of Dorchester and Shanice Pinto, 17, of Dorchester were both arrested for Wilful and Malicious Destruction of Property. The suspects Noel Moulaison, 17, of Dorchester and Amy Herrick-Moulaison, 18, of Dorchester, were both arrested for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. The suspect, Lashanda Dixon, 22, of Dorchester, was arrested for Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in Public. The suspect, Joseph Wallace, 19, of Dorchester, was summons for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. View Source.

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