04/15/2012 02:27 AM.
ASSAULT WEAPON. 02:28:04 04/15/2012 - Bertschi D DRIVE BY W/ VICTIM 02:28:15 04/15/2012 - Bertschi D RP ADV HOUSE WAS SHOT AT/ PERS SHOT IN ARM 02:28:52 04/15/2012 - Bertschi D DIST 5 ADV 02:29:09 04/15/2012 - Widner K RP COUSIN WAS JUST SHOT IN DRIVEBY WAS HIT IN THE ARM/ELBOW 02:29:41 04/15/2012 - Widner K xxxx xxxx DOB//021489 IS VIC 02:30:08 04/15/2012 - Widner K UNABLE TO SEE ANYTHING THEY WERE SLEEPING 02:32:53 04/15/2012 - Bertschi D FIRE CALL CANCELED SOMEHOW/ RE-SPLIT 02:33:15 04/15/2012 - Widner K RP ADVSD VIC WAS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH AND THEY HEARD BANGING NOISES THOUGHT IT WAS MUSIC BUT THEN THE COUSIN WOKE HIM UP ADVSD HE HAD BEEN SHOT 02:48:01 04/15/2012 - Glossen R J AMR 6 A/S Case number: 12C05005.

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