The dispute began as a simple argument on the sidewalk: a couple with a baby stroller found the entrance to their home blocked by some movers. Words were exchanged. A gun was brandished. New York Police Department “You just got out of jail; you’re going to go back to jail,” a witness, Jusuf Koci, recalled hearing the mother tell her companion, who held the gun. Hours later, the man identified as the gunman, Nakwon Foxworth, engaged the police in a pitched close-range gun battle early Sunday in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, the police said. Four police officers were shot; all were expected to fully recover. Mr. Foxworth was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Detective Michael Keenan Connect with NYTMetro Detective Kenneth Ayala New York Police Department Officer Matthew Granahan New York Police Department Capt. Al Pizzano View Source.

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