On 2/21/2012, at approximately 0320 hours, officers from the Frederick Police Department responded to 1602 Rosemont Ave, the BB&T Bank, for a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, officers discovered the bank ATM had been rammed with a vehicle. Subsequent investigation revealed the suspect first broke into the Rosemont Service Center nearby, stole a van, and used the vehicle to ram the BB&T ATM. Further investigation also revealed several vehicles had been broken into at the service station. Damage to the van was estimated to be approximately $9,000, and damage to the ATM and bank property was estimated to be approximately, $40,000. Through the course of the investigation, Michael Allen Bennett (W/M, 1-7-84) of the 1600 block of Jennings Ct. in Frederick, MD, was determined to be the suspect. A search of Bennett’s residence led to the discovery of evidence that had been stolen during the burglary at the service center. As a result, a warrant was applied for by the lead investigator, Det. Petruzzello. The warrant was granted and Bennett was served at FCADC on 4-10-2012 where he was in custody on other charges. Bennett is charged with the following: • Burglary 2nd degree • Burglary 3rd degree • Burglary 4th degree • Theft under $10k • Theft under $100k • Motor vehicle unlawful taking • Unauthorized removal of property (vehicle) • Malicious destruction of property under $500 • Malicious destruction of property over $500 • Failure of vehicle driver to stop after unattended property damage accident Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Det. Petruzzello at, 301-600-4110. Case#: 12-10382 Lead detective: Det. Petruzzello Author of release: D/Sgt. J.P. Hayer View Source.

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