04/06/2012 08:15 AM.
BURGLARY. poss burg in prog 08:16:03 04/06/2012 - Cruz B juv adv "someone is breaking into my house" 08:16:10 04/06/2012 - Cruz B phone probs/ line was term 08:16:11 04/06/2012 - Cruz B att cb 08:16:58 04/06/2012 - Cruz B *** rp adv alarm is sounding/ nothing seen 08:17:43 04/06/2012 - Cruz B rp has left house/ going to neighbor's home/ nothing seen outside 08:18:14 04/06/2012 - Cruz B line term again/ rp having phone probs 08:18:38 04/06/2012 - Sides B YSO WILL ASSIST 08:20:31 04/06/2012 - Cruz B on cb/ juv will be at neighbor's res for contact 8705 Meadow LN Case number: 12C04573.

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