On today’s date at approximately 1241 hours, Off. M.K. Clark and OFC B. D. Wolf responded to a CDS complaint at the park in the vicinity of William Franklin and McClellan Dr. They located 5 subjects in the area and upon approaching these subjects, noted the obvious odor of burnt marijuana coming from their breath and persons and conducted searches of these subjects. One subject was found to have a quantity of suspected marijuana and a smoking device on his person and was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of CDS paraphernalia. At the time of this writing, the arrestee has been transported to Frederick County Central Booking, where he is awaiting an appearance before the District Court Commissioner. The arrestee was identified as: • Kasende, Gaetan-Alexandre Kimruama • 03/29/1994 • 101 Maroon Ct. Frederick, MD 21702 Case number: 2012-021188.View Source.

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Frederick Police arrest juvenile suspect for Armed Robbery

On 09/29/2014 at approximately 9:30PM, officers from the Frederick Police Department were dispatched to an armed robbery that occurred earlier in the area of the 100 block of South Market Street. Upon contact with the victim, officers learned the victim h Read More...

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