03/08/2012 08:46 PM.
On 03-08-12 at approximately 2046 hrs. Sgt. Klingensmith, who was responding to work in his personal vehicle, observed a Black pickup truck travelling in front of him on Rt. #40 Eastbound. While behind the truck he saw the driver run off the roadway several times and almost strike a bridge abutment on one occasion in the 1500 blk. of Rt. #40. Sgt. Klingensmith requested marked units to respond to the location of the truck near the McDonald’s at Old Camp Rd. The truck was located on Rt. #40 alternate at Blentlinger Rd. by Off. Stephanie Sparks. Off. Sparks initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and noted the driver appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. His pupils were constricted and he was extremely restless and unable to focus on the conversation with the officer. The driver and a passenger were removed from the vehicle and the driver gave consent to search the truck. During the search OFC. Keesecker located a cigarette pack with what appeared to be CDS inside the cellophane wrapper. In the officers’ training and experience the substance appeared to be possible Black Tar Heroin. A subsequent field test verified the suspicion and the driver was placed under arrest for possession of CDS, and related traffic violations. The passenger was released from the scene without charges. The arrestee is identified as: Eric James Jolliff W/M/04-26-88 Of the 8700 blk. of Myersville Rd. Middletown, MD. View Source.

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