02/19/2012 07:43 PM.
DOMESTIC. dv 19:44:02 02/19/2012 - Ramirez D rp adv that her husband is acting "crazy" 19:44:24 02/19/2012 - Ramirez D now adv he has gone into the bathroom with a knife 19:44:32 02/19/2012 - Kampert C HUSBAND IS IN THE BATHROOM W/KNIFE 19:45:57 02/19/2012 - Kampert C xxxx..THREATENING TO HARM HIMSELF 19:46:54 02/19/2012 - Kampert C HAS THREATENED SUIC IN THE PAST ALSO HBD 19:52:00 02/19/2012 - Kampert C HE IS OUT OF THE BATHROOM NOW DAD IS TALKING TO HIM THINGS CALMING DOWN HE IS UPSET ABOUT WIFE WANTING TO LEAVE HIM 19:52:09 02/19/2012 - Kampert C STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE THE KNIFE IS AT 19:52:22 02/19/2012 - Kampert C NO WANTS ORDERS 19:53:16 02/19/2012 - Kampert C KNIFE WAS TAKEN AWAY AND PUT UP 19:54:58 02/19/2012 - Kampert C BLU MANUFACTURE HOUSE FRONT DOOR STANDING OPEN 20:01:26 02/19/2012 - Kampert C SSPD ON SCENE / THINGS STILL CALM 20:32:58 02/19/2012 - Clark R SSPD AND YSO REQ FIRE RESP 20:33:08 02/19/2012 - Clark R SSPD ADV PT EXPERIENCING CHEST PAINS 20:53:20 02/19/2012 - Clark R NO TRANSPORT - PT REL TO PD Case number: 12C02385.

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