Theft - 7XX E 1ST ST; 101, GRANGER, WA

02/09/2012 06:42 AM.
THEFT-VEHICLE. POSS VEH THEFT 06:43:17 02/09/2012 - Downs T ADV YSO 06:46:27 02/09/2012 - Conger L xxxx xxxx ADV HIS WHI OLDS INTRIGUE WAS STOLEN IN LAST 5 WHILE WARMING UP, BELIEVES HIS LIC IS 809ZDF 06:47:39 02/09/2012 - Conger L LIC GIVEN NOT GOOD Call type l reopened by Davila M at 07:51:39 02/09/12 07:52:12 02/09/2012 - Davila M RP FOUND HIS VEH ON D ST AT THE APTS 07:52:29 02/09/2012 - Davila M WILL BE AT #C15 07:55:14 02/09/2012 - Davila M NOBODY IN THE CAR Case number: 12C01903.

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