10/22/2013 02:35 AM.
Moments after Woonsocket Police dispatch sent word of two men suspected of rape in a blue pickup, Officer Patrick McGourty spotted a Ford truck crossing the Court Street Bridge and stopped it, arresting the suspects. Det. Jamie Paone, public information officer for the WPD, said the victim's quick report and accurate description of her attackers helped police find the men quickly. Paone said the victim, a woman, had invited the two men to her apartment for consensual sex, but while there, one of them threatened her with a knife, and the two raped her. The woman reported the attack to police at about 2:53 a.m., describing it, the men and their truck. After stopping the truck, McGourty identified the driver as Patrick Moore, 19, of 26 Daniel Ave., Providence. The passenger, Owen M. Hicks, 21, of 88 Saint Paul St., Apt. 8, North Smithfield, told McGourty he didn't know his social security number, which he had left in his wallet, at his house. When McGourty searched him, finding the wallet in his pants pocket, Hicks admitted he'd lied because he had a warrant. There was in fact a warrant out for Hicks, for failing to appear in court on an unrelated charge, and McGourty arrested him on it. View Source.

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