Sunnyvale, CA Daily Crime Reports - 09/02/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AOther09/02/12. 12:13 AM.1200 BLOCK OF VICENTE DR SUNNYVALEDetails
BAssault09/02/12. 12:35 AM.600 BLOCK OF AZARA PL SUNNYVALEDetails
COther09/02/12. 01:33 AM.700 BLOCK OF N MATHILDA AV SUNNYVALEDetails
DOther09/02/12. 01:35 AM.700 BLOCK OF N MATHILDA AV SUNNYVALEDetails
EOther09/02/12. 02:00 AM.1200 BLOCK OF HENDERSON AV SUNNYVALEDetails
FOther09/02/12. 02:47 AM.1000 BLOCK OF W REMINGTON DR SUNNYVALEDetails
GTheft09/02/12. 03:06 AM.100 BLOCK OF E FREMONT AV SUNNYVALEDetails
HOther09/02/12. 03:49 AM.600 BLOCK OF GAIL AV SUNNYVALEDetails
IOther09/02/12. 05:21 AM.1000 BLOCK OF KONSTANZ TE SUNNYVALEDetails
JOther09/02/12. 08:19 AM.300 BLOCK OF W ARBOR AV SUNNYVALEDetails
LArrest09/02/12. 10:14 AM.1100 BLOCK OF LIME DR SUNNYVALEDetails
MBurglary09/02/12. 11:11 AM.1400 BLOCK OF S MARY AV SUNNYVALEDetails
NOther09/02/12. 12:15 PM.800 BLOCK OF ORACLE OAK PL SUNNYVALEDetails
POther09/02/12. 01:48 PM.500 BLOCK OF E EL CAMINO REAL SUNNYVALEDetails
QOther09/02/12. 02:15 PM.1200 BLOCK OF W EL CAMINO REAL SUNNYVALEDetails
RTheft09/02/12. 04:01 PM.700 BLOCK OF W REMINGTON DR SUNNYVALEDetails
SOther09/02/12. 04:55 PM.200 BLOCK OF W WEDDELL DR SUNNYVALEDetails
TOther09/02/12. 04:55 PM.600 BLOCK OF GRAND FIR AV SUNNYVALEDetails
UOther09/02/12. 05:11 PM.1600 BLOCK OF TENAKA PL SUNNYVALEDetails
VOther09/02/12. 05:27 PM.E DUANE AV AND SAN JUAN DR SUNNYVALEDetails
WArrest09/02/12. 06:10 PM.1100 BLOCK OF W EL CAMINO REAL SUNNYVALEDetails
XOther09/02/12. 06:34 PM.1100 BLOCK OF AYALA DR SUNNYVALEDetails
YArrest09/02/12. 06:35 PM.900 BLOCK OF AZURE ST SUNNYVALEDetails
ZOther09/02/12. 06:58 PM.600 BLOCK OF ALMANOR AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 07:35 PM.700 BLOCK OF RUSSETT TE SUNNYVALEDetails
Arrest09/02/12. 07:52 PM.1100 BLOCK OF BENNINGTON DR SUNNYVALEDetails
Burglary09/02/12. 08:12 PM.600 BLOCK OF E ARQUES AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Arrest09/02/12. 08:39 PM.700 BLOCK OF N MATHILDA AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 08:46 PM.800 BLOCK OF LEWIS AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 09:04 PM.S WOLFE RD AND REED AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 09:38 PM.1100 BLOCK OF PIMENTO AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 09:57 PM.400 BLOCK OF BRAHMS WY SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 10:10 PM.600 BLOCK OF VAQUEROS AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 10:25 PM.100 BLOCK OF W AHWANEE AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 10:34 PM.600 BLOCK OF GRAND FIR AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 11:07 PM.600 BLOCK OF BRYAN AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 11:16 PM.900 BLOCK OF E DUANE AV SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 11:17 PM.200 BLOCK OF GARNER DR SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 11:23 PM.1000 BLOCK OF LAKEBIRD DR SUNNYVALEDetails
Other09/02/12. 11:35 PM.1200 BLOCK OF W WASHINGTON AV SUNNYVALEDetails

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