San Luis Obispo County, CA Daily Crime Reports - 10/11/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ABurglary10/11/11. 07:10 AM.100 BLK LONE OAK WAY TEMPLETONDetails
BOther10/11/11. 08:24 AM.CIELO LN & TIERRA RD NIPOMODetails
CTheft10/11/11. 08:44 AM.500 BLK ORCHARD RD NIPOMODetails
DOther10/11/11. 08:53 AM.2200 BLK HUTTON RD NIPOMODetails
EOther10/11/11. 09:55 AM.200 BLK VERBENA ST NIPOMODetails
FAssault10/11/11. 10:14 AM.500 BLK SANDY WAY UNINC ARROYO GRANDEDetails
GTheft10/11/11. 10:22 AM.1900 BLK RAMADA DR PASO ROBLESDetails
HOther10/11/11. 10:29 AM.800 BLK MANZANITA DR LOS OSOSDetails
IOther10/11/11. 10:36 AM.1000 BLK FRONT ST GROVER BEACHDetails
JOther10/11/11. 10:49 AM.500 BLK BRIARWOOD LN NIPOMODetails
KTheft10/11/11. 11:00 AM.1200 BLK S MAIN ST TEMPLETONDetails
LOther10/11/11. 12:04 PM.1100 BLK MALVASIA CT TEMPLETONDetails
MOther10/11/11. 12:21 PM.1500 BLK VIA ROJAS TEMPLETONDetails
NOther10/11/11. 01:46 PM.700 BLK EUCALYPTUS RD NIPOMODetails
OOther10/11/11. 01:54 PM.W BENNETT ST & S BURTON ST NIPOMODetails
PVandalism10/11/11. 02:00 PM.BENNETT WAY & LAS TABLAS RD TEMPLETONDetails
ROther10/11/11. 02:19 PM.800 BLK TURKEY RANCH RD TEMPLETONDetails
SOther10/11/11. 02:23 PM.2900 BLK SANTA ROSA CREEK RD CAMBRIADetails
TOther10/11/11. 03:12 PM.00 BLOCK OF 5TH ST & OLD COUNTY RD TEMPLETONDetails
UTheft10/11/11. 03:13 PM.2400 BLK LOS BERROS RD UNINC ARROYO GRANDEDetails
VOther10/11/11. 03:31 PM.800 BLK CAMINO CABALLO NIPOMODetails
WOther10/11/11. 04:03 PM.3500 BLK AVILA BEACH DR SAN LUIS OBISPODetails
XOther10/11/11. 04:23 PM.1500 BLK 22ND ST OCEANODetails
YAssault10/11/11. 05:02 PM.500 BLK N THOMPSON AVE NIPOMODetails
ZAssault10/11/11. 05:04 PM.2100 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW DR LOS OSOSDetails
Other10/11/11. 05:05 PM.200 BLK - 399 MERCURY DR NIPOMODetails
Other10/11/11. 05:14 PM.1100 BLK LAS TABLAS RD TEMPLETONDetails
Burglary10/11/11. 05:24 PM.2400 BLK OCEAN ST OCEANODetails
Other10/11/11. 06:06 PM.500 BLK HILL ST NIPOMODetails
Assault10/11/11. 06:37 PM.600 BLK PERSHING DR OCEANODetails
Shooting10/11/11. 07:12 PM.2300-BLK LEFT LN UNINC ARROYO GRANDEDetails
Other10/11/11. 07:13 PM.100 BLK POMEROY RD NIPOMODetails
Other10/11/11. 08:49 PM.24TH ST & THE PIKE OCEANODetails
Assault10/11/11. 09:13 PM.1500 BLK OCEAN ST OCEANODetails
Other10/11/11. 09:24 PM.400 BLK SATURN CT NIPOMODetails
Vandalism10/11/11. 10:17 PM.500 BLK MARTITA PL NIPOMODetails
Other10/11/11. 10:51 PM.FRONT ST & SAN LUIS ST AVILADetails
Other10/11/11. 10:59 PM.500 BLK SPANISH TRL UNINC ARROYO GRANDEDetails

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