Los Angeles County, CA Daily Crime Reports - 08/07/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault08/07/12. 12:20 AM.500 BLOCK OF MARGARET ST LOS ANGELESDetails
BAssault08/07/12. 12:20 AM.11800 BLOCK OF CARSON ST HAWAIIAN GARDENSDetails
COther08/07/12. 01:36 AM.16600 BLOCK OF DOWNEY AVE PARAMOUNTDetails
DAssault08/07/12. 12:25 AM.44300 BLOCK OF BENALD ST LANCASTERDetails
ETheft08/07/12. 05:00 AM.LEFFINGWELL RD & MEYER RD WHITTIERDetails
FTheft08/07/12. 03:30 AM.34500 BLOCK OF ASPEN ST ACTONDetails
GTheft08/07/12. 07:20 AM.9000 BLOCK OF DALBERG ST BELLFLOWERDetails
HTheft08/07/12. 09:12 AM.900 BLOCK OF N STANLEY AVE WEST HOLLYWOODDetails
ITheft08/07/12. 06:00 AM.900 BLOCK OF SEDONA CT SAN DIMASDetails
JAssault08/07/12. 12:30 AM.400 BLOCK OF BAUCHET ST LOS ANGELESDetails
KAssault08/07/12. 01:15 AM.44600 BLOCK OF CEDAR AVE LANCASTERDetails
LAssault08/07/12. 01:10 AM.40100 BLOCK OF 10TH ST W PALMDALEDetails
MOther08/07/12. 02:16 AM.9700 BLOCK OF ARTESIA BLVD LONG BEACHDetails
NRobbery08/07/12. 02:00 AM.21100 BLOCK OF PACIFIC COAST HWY MALIBUDetails
ORobbery08/07/12. 03:45 AM.12400 BLOCK OF FALLCREEK LN CERRITOSDetails
QTheft08/07/12. 08:45 AM.13600 BLOCK OF BRAZO RD LA MIRADADetails
RAssault08/07/12. 07:30 AM.38300 BLOCK OF 30TH ST E LANCASTERDetails
SAssault08/07/12. 07:50 AM.14000 BLOCK OF ANDERSON ST PARAMOUNTDetails
TOther08/07/12. 09:26 AM.16400 BLOCK OF MONTBROOK ST VALINDADetails
UTheft08/07/12. 09:39 AM.1300 BLOCK OF EL SEGUNDO BLVD EL SEGUNDODetails
VBurglary08/07/12. 12:00 AM.10500 BLOCK OF HAWTHORNE BLVD LENNOXDetails
WAssault08/07/12. 10:30 AM.1100 BLOCK OF W AVENUE H-4 LANCASTERDetails
XAssault08/07/12. 10:25 AM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
YOther08/07/12. 11:52 AM.500 BLOCK OF S LA VERNE LOS ANGELESDetails
ZBurglary08/07/12. 09:00 AM.13100 BLOCK OF SUTTON ST CERRITOSDetails
Assault08/07/12. 12:00 PM.2600 BLOCK OF FLORENCE AVE HUNTINGTON PARKDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:15 PM.6400 BLOCK OF ALONDRA BLVD PARAMOUNTDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:00 AM.1600 BLOCK OF GLENN CURTISS ST CARSONDetails
Other08/07/12. 02:07 PM.1100 BLOCK OF 92ND ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 02:15 PM.38200 BLOCK OF 5TH ST E PALMDALEDetails
Other08/07/12. 10:00 AM.21800 BLOCK OF S LOSTINE ST CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:25 AM.7300 BLOCK OF ATLANTIC BLVD CUDAHYDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:18 AM.4800 BLOCK OF 138TH ST HAWTHORNEDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:30 AM.600 BLOCK OF S FIGUEROA AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:30 AM.2400 BLOCK OF NARBONNE AVE LOMITADetails
Robbery08/07/12. 11:10 AM.100 BLOCK OF RAGING WATERS DR SAN DIMASDetails
Assault08/07/12. 10:00 AM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
Other08/07/12. 02:20 PM.LOMITA BLVD & MAIN ST CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:06 PM.12300 BLOCK OF NORWALK BLVD NORWALKDetails
Assault08/07/12. 02:15 PM.8600 BLOCK OF SANTA MONICA BLVD WEST HOLLYWOODDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:50 PM.100 BLOCK OF LOS CERRITOS CTR CERRITOSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:15 PM.11100 BLOCK OF HAWTHORNE BLVD HAWTHORNEDetails
Assault08/07/12. 02:00 PM.6300 BLOCK OF ROSEMEAD BLVD SAN GABRIELDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 02:34 PM.2400 BLOCK OF LINCOLN AVE ALTADENADetails
Assault08/07/12. 02:45 PM.800 BLOCK OF W ARROW HWY SAN DIMASDetails
Theft08/07/12. 03:00 PM.20200 BLOCK OF VALLEY BLVD WALNUTDetails
Assault08/07/12. 03:45 PM.5200 BLOCK OF CECILIA ST CUDAHYDetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:45 PM.100 BLOCK OF LOS CERRITOS CTR CERRITOSDetails
Assault08/07/12. 04:38 PM.5300 BLOCK OF PARAMOUNT BLVD LAKEWOODDetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:30 PM.900 BLOCK OF DIAMOND BAR BLVD DIAMOND BARDetails
Assault08/07/12. 04:00 PM.4500 BLOCK OF 168TH ST LAWNDALEDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 10:30 AM.2000 BLOCK OF PACIFIC COAST HWY LOMITADetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:00 PM.14400 BLOCK OF OLIVE VIEW DR SYLMARDetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:00 PM.400 BLOCK OF BAUCHET ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:00 PM.20800 BLOCK OF GOLDEN SPRINGS DR DIAMOND BARDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:55 PM.6500 BLOCK OF SOUTHSIDE DR EAST LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 04:00 PM.1200 BLOCK OF S TOWNSEND AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:10 PM.6100 BLOCK OF EASTBROOK AVE LAKEWOODDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:00 PM.11600 BLOCK OF FIRESTONE BLVD NORWALKDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:15 PM.3500 BLOCK OF POMEROY ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 03:45 PM.3800 BLOCK OF RIO HONDO AVE ROSEMEADDetails
Theft08/07/12. 08:30 PM.6500 BLOCK OF E OLYMPIC BLVD LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:50 PM.7900 BLOCK OF DOROTHY ST ROSEMEADDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 09:10 PM.4800 BLOCK OF COLONIA DE LOS PINOS LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:30 PM.14300 BLOCK OF HAWES ST WHITTIERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:10 PM.19400 BLOCK OF PIONEER BLVD CERRITOSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF LOS CERRITOS CTR CERRITOSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:30 PM.800 BLOCK OF E AVENUE K LANCASTERDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:20 PM.700 BLOCK OF CYPRESS ST SAN DIMASDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:51 PM.1900 BLOCK OF MONTEBELLO TOWN CTR DR ROSEMEADDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:40 PM.1400 BLOCK OF WOODBURY RD ALTADENADetails
Burglary08/07/12. 08:00 PM.15300 BLOCK OF KORNBLUM AVE GARDENADetails
Robbery08/07/12. 10:00 PM.200 BLOCK OF LOS CERRITOS CTR CERRITOSDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:45 PM.200 BLOCK OF E 126TH ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:15 PM.7900 BLOCK OF DROTHY ST ROSEMEADDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 10:45 AM.3500 BLOCK OF E AVENUE R PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:00 PM.12700 BLOCK OF TOWNE CENTER CTR CERRITOSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:59 PM.11400 BLOCK OF LONG BEACH BLVD LYNWOODDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:30 PM.12700 BLOCK OF REXTON ST NORWALKDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:25 PM.8200 BLOCK OF ALIX AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:00 AM.9100 BLOCK OF WHITTIER BLVD PICO RIVERADetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:00 PM.1400 BLOCK OF BUTTERFIELD AVE SAN DIMASDetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:10 PM.8800 BLOCK OF MERCURY LN PICO RIVERADetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:00 PM.23400 BLOCK OF LYONS AVE NEWHALLDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 11:00 AM.1300 BLOCK OF 98TH ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 12:55 AM.3200 BLOCK OF PALM AVE LYNWOODDetails
Other08/07/12. 07:11 AM.1400 BLOCK OF E 68TH ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 12:45 AM.37200 BLOCK OF 50TH ST E PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:12 AM.27600 BLOCK OF ELK RIDGE RD CASTAICDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:00 PM.1200 BLOCK OF RIDERWOOD AVE HACIENDA HEIGHTSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:45 AM.1600 BLOCK OF GLENN CURTISS ST CARSONDetails
Other08/07/12. 04:00 PM.13400 BLOCK OF GIORDANO ST WEST VALINDADetails
Assault08/07/12. 11:45 AM.18800 BLOCK OF SOLEDAD CANYON RD CANYON COUNTRYDetails
Other08/07/12. 12:44 PM.900 BLOCK OF AZUSA AVE INDUSTRYDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:20 PM.4500 BLOCK OF SLAUSON AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 01:00 PM.44100 BLOCK OF 20TH ST E LANCASTERDetails
Assault08/07/12. 12:40 PM.1200 BLOCK OF W RANCHO VISTA BLVD PALMDALEDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 01:00 PM.2000 BLOCK OF PASEO YNEZ SAN DIMASDetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:30 PM.3300 BLOCK OF AEROJET AVE EL MONTEDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 10:15 AM.1100 BLOCK OF HACIENDA PL WEST HOLLYWOODDetails
Theft08/07/12. 02:30 PM.2000 BLOCK OF PACIFIC COAST HWY LOMITADetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 PM.38500 BLOCK OF MALBY AVE PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:00 PM.600 BLOCK OF W SEPULVEDA BLVD CARSONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 09:30 AM.44300 BLOCK OF 12TH ST E LANCASTERDetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF KILDARE ST LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:05 PM.4300 BLOCK OF E AVENUE Q-14 PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 03:00 AM.13400 BLOCK OF MULBERRY DR WHITTIERDetails
Assault08/07/12. 04:00 PM.800 BLOCK OF W AVENUE J-13 LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 PM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
Assault08/07/12. 05:55 PM.12000 BLOCK OF S WILMINGTON AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:06 PM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:00 PM.1100 BLOCK OF E AVENUE R-3 PALMDALEDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:00 AM.33300 BLOCK OF AGUA DULCE CANYON RD PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:45 PM.7TH & METRO LOS ANGELESDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 10:50 PM.ELSIE ST & FLORENCE AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 10:45 PM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:15 PM.13300 BLOCK OF BEACH BLVD LA MIRADADetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.700 BLOCK OF E GARDENA BLVD CARSONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 03:00 AM.16000 BLOCK OF AMAR RD VALINDADetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:10 PM.29300 BLOCK OF THE OLD ROAD CASTAICDetails
Theft08/07/12. 08:30 PM.7300 BLOCK OF ALAMEDA ST HUNTINGTON PARKDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:30 PM.400 BLOCK OF BAUCHET ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:15 PM.1100 BLOCK OF HILLDALE AVE WEST HOLLYWOODDetails
Assault08/07/12. 10:56 PM.400 BLOCK OF BAUCHET ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 08:00 PM.19200 BLOCK OF S GRANDEE AVE CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:30 PM.13300 BLOCK OF BEACH BLVD LA MIRADADetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:17 PM.600 BLOCK OF W SEPULVEDA BLVD CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:30 PM.1000 BLOCK OF OAKWATER ST TORRANCEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:30 PM.26300 BLOCK OF ESHELMAN AVE LOMITADetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:15 PM.800 BLOCK OF W CORIANDER DR TORRANCEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.12700 BLOCK OF CENTRALIA ST LAKEWOODDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 02:30 PM.14500 BLOCK OF MCNAB AVE BELLFLOWERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF S SHIPMAN AVE EAST VALINDADetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:30 PM.22800 BLOCK OF S SERRA DR CARSONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 07:00 PM.13600 BLOCK OF VALLEY BLVD BASSETTDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.13300 BLOCK OF BEACH BLVD LA MIRADADetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:30 PM.200 BLOCK OF E BENNETT ST COMPTONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:00 PM.19300 BLOCK OF WATERFALL WAY ROWLAND HEIGHTSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 02:00 PM.3600 BLOCK OF E 4TH ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Other08/07/12. 07:00 PM.800 BLOCK OF PALOMARES AVE SAN DIMASDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.15400 BLOCK OF ENSENADA RD GREEN VALLEYDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:30 PM.2800 BLOCK OF AVENUR R-14 E PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:30 PM.17600 BLOCK OF CYPRESS CIR CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:50 PM.500 BLOCK OF W 218TH PL CARSONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.38000 BLOCK OF 47TH ST E PALMDALEDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:00 PM.800 BLOCK OF RIDLEY AVE HACIENDA HEIGHTSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:40 PM.AVENIDA AMAIDIS & LEMON AVE WALNUTDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:30 PM.4800 BLOCK OF GRAPE ST PICO RIVERADetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:01 AM.1300 BLOCK OF 92ND ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 02:00 PM.3200 BLOCK OF E AVENUE S-4 PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:00 PM.4200 BLOCK OF ROSEMEAD BLVD PICO RIVERADetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:10 AM.17100 BLOCK OF E AVENUE O PALMDALEDetails
Other08/07/12. 01:50 PM.3100 BLOCK OF CEDAR AVE LYNWOODDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:45 AM.2700 BLOCK OF INDUSTRY WAY LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 10:00 AM.2300 BLOCK OF MORNINGSIDE AVE LANCASTERDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 03:21 PM.7900 BLOCK OF CENTRAL AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 06:30 PM.100 BLOCK OF FWY & LONG BEACH BLVD LYNWOODDetails
Assault08/07/12. 04:50 PM.21600 BLOCK OF BELSHIRE AVE HAWAIIAN GARDENSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:30 AM.WESTWARD BEACH RD & ZUMA BAY WAY MALIBUDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:45 PM.BIRTCH AVE & BEECHWOOD AVE LYNWOODDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 03:45 PM.11600 BLOCK OF ATLANTIC AVE LYNWOODDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 07:00 AM.40100 BLOCK OF 169TH ST E LAKE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 09:30 PM.66TH ST & HOLMES AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:45 AM.15700 BLOCK OF TETLEY ST HACIENDA HEIGHTSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 08:00 PM.4500 BLOCK OF 159TH ST LAWNDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:00 PM.42300 BLOCK OF 10TH ST W LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:00 PM.16500 BLOCK OF RED COACH LN WHITTIERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:30 PM.100 BLOCK OF LOWER TERRACE AVALONDetails
Assault08/07/12. 03:15 AM.14300 BLOCK OF SEQUOIA RD CANYON COUNTRYDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:30 AM.38300 BLOCK OF 30TH ST E PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:10 AM.11700 BLOCK OF S ALAMEDA ST LYNWOODDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 12:20 PM.1800 BLOCK OF N HACIENDA BLVD LA PUENTEDetails
Other08/07/12. 02:19 PM.22400 BLOCK OF MARKET ST NEWHALLDetails
Theft08/07/12. 03:31 PM.2400 BLOCK OF VALENCIA BLVD SANTA CLARITADetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:45 PM.1800 BLOCK OF HACIENDA BLVD LA PUENTEDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 09:20 PM.17200 BLOCK OF LAKEWOOD BLVD BELLFLOWERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:30 PM.11900 BLOCK OF E CARSON ST HAWAIIAN GARDENSDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:00 PM.FIGUEROA PL & LOT 7 WILMINGTONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 04:30 PM.8500 BLOCK OF ARTESIA BLVD BELLFLOWERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:00 PM.26100 BLOCK OF MAGIC MOUNTAIN PKWY VALENCIADetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:30 PM.10900 BLOCK OF RAMONA BLVD EL MONTEDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 05:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF N SIESTA AVE LA PUENTEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:30 PM.12700 BLOCK OF CENTRALIA ST LAKEWOODDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 06:00 PM.17300 BLOCK OF TEMPLE AVE EAST VALINDADetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:40 PM.7900 BLOCK OF ALL AMERICAN CITY WAY PARAMOUNTDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:50 AM.25000 BLOCK OF MALIBU RD MALIBUDetails
Assault08/07/12. 12:19 PM.ECHELON AVE & HARVEST MOON ST VALINDADetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:20 PM.4500 BLOCK OF SLAUSON AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Assault08/07/12. 11:09 PM.4100 BLOCK OF E 2ND ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Arson08/07/12. 11:12 PM.1900 BLOCK OF E 126TH ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 05:00 PM.43600 BLOCK OF PARK AVE LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:00 PM.1200 BLOCK OF GREENACRE AVE WEST HOLLYWOODDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 07:00 PM.5200 BLOCK OF SOUTHRIDGE AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:30 PM.8600 BLOCK OF WHITTIER BLVD PICO RIVERADetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:00 PM.100 BLOCK OF WORLD WAY LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 AM.12000 BLOCK OF CHARLWOOD ST ARTESIADetails
Theft08/07/12. 08:00 AM.16100 BLOCK OF BLUEBONNET ST LA PUENTEDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 10:45 AM.8200 BLOCK OF LAKE KNOLL DR SOUTH SAN GABRIELDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:00 PM.15200 BLOCK OF GOODHUE ST WHITTIERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 PM.8100 BLOCK OF SIERRA BONITA AVE SAN GABRIELDetails
Other08/07/12. 08:45 AM.1500 BLOCK OF S MCKINLEY AVE COMPTONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 01:44 PM.11400 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON BLVD CULVER CITYDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:55 AM.1100 BLOCK OF N CULVER AVE COMPTONDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 09:15 PM.CENTURY BLVD & SUCCESS AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 08:30 AM.24400 BLOCK OF PENROSE CT DIAMOND BARDetails
Theft08/07/12. 03:00 PM.42300 BLOCK OF ENCANTO WAY LANCASTERDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 02:00 PM.13000 BLOCK OF CLOVIS AVE LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 06:45 PM.700 BLOCK OF W AVENUE K-4 LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:30 PM.2600 BLOCK OF BROADWAY HUNTINGTON PARKDetails
Theft08/07/12. 05:00 PM.500 BLOCK OF S ALAMEDA ST COMPTONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 11:00 PM.44600 BLOCK OF 12TH ST W LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:30 AM.45500 BLOCK OF CORKWOOD AVE LANCASTERDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 12:00 AM.36100 BLOCK OF 85TH ST E LITTLEROCKDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 09:40 AM.700 BLOCK OF W COMPTON BLVD COMPTONDetails
Other08/07/12. 08:20 PM.100 BLOCK OF N BURRIS AVE COMPTONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 08:30 PM.900 BLOCK OF W 134TH ST COMPTONDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:30 PM.2800 BLOCK OF AVENUE R-14 E PALMDALEDetails
Theft08/07/12. 09:15 AM.30900 BLOCK OF BROAD BEACH RD MALIBUDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:10 AM.7300 BLOCK OF ATLANTIC BLVD CUDAHYDetails
Other08/07/12. 03:27 PM.1100 BLOCK OF E 84TH PL LOS ANGELESDetails
Other08/07/12. 03:29 PM.10300 BLOCK OF WALL ST LOS ANGELESDetails
Other08/07/12. 04:08 PM.2300 BLOCK OF OLD HAROLD RD PALMDALEDetails
Arson08/07/12. 07:45 AM.2400 BLOCK OF OAKCREST AVE PALMDALEDetails
Assault08/07/12. 02:30 PM.400 BLOCK OF W ARBUTUS ST COMPTONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 02:40 PM.1200 BLOCK OF E PALMER ST COMPTONDetails
Burglary08/07/12. 08:00 PM.4100 BLOCK OF E SAN VINCENTE ST COMPTONDetails
Robbery08/07/12. 08:00 PM.5000 BLOCK OF W AVENUE L-10 LANCASTERDetails
Theft08/07/12. 10:30 AM.5900 BLOCK OF NORTHSIDE DR LOS ANGELESDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 PM.17700 BLOCK OF SIERRA HWY CANYON COUNTRYDetails
Theft08/07/12. 07:30 PM.14300 BLOCK OF PIONEER BLVD NORWALKDetails
Assault08/07/12. 07:00 PM.9700 BLOCK OF CEDAR ST BELLFLOWERDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:08 PM.16500 BLOCK OF GARFIELD AVE PARAMOUNTDetails
Theft08/07/12. 04:10 PM.11400 BLOCK OF WASHINGTON BLVD CULVER CITYDetails
Assault08/07/12. 08:30 PM.16200 BLOCK OF GEORGIA AVE PARAMOUNTDetails
Theft08/07/12. 08:00 AM.800 BLOCK OF N GRANDEE AVE COMPTONDetails
Assault08/07/12. 03:00 PM.2000 BLOCK OF N PANNES AVE COMPTONDetails
Theft08/07/12. 12:00 AM.27300 BLOCK OF FAHREN CT SANTA CLARITADetails

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