Bakersfield, CA Daily Crime Reports - 10/13/2011

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft10/13/11. 11:00 PM.6100 BLOCK OF S H ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
BTheft10/13/11. 10:00 PM.1800 BLOCK OF SCENIC VIEW DR BAKERSFIELDDetails
CTheft10/13/11. 10:00 PM.6700 BLOCK OF PAULINE CT BAKERSFIELDDetails
DTheft10/13/11. 09:00 PM.2400 BLOCK OF FAIRVIEW RD BAKERSFIELDDetails
EBurglary10/13/11. 08:41 PM.5600 BLOCK OF KLEINPELL AV BAKERSFIELDDetails
FTheft10/13/11. 07:30 PM.PANAMA LN / COLONY ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
GTheft10/13/11. 06:00 PM.300 BLOCK OF DANIELS LN BAKERSFIELDDetails
HBurglary10/13/11. 06:00 PM.200 BLOCK OF H ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
IBurglary10/13/11. 04:00 PM.1000 BLOCK OF K ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
JTheft10/13/11. 03:53 PM.8400 BLOCK OF ROSEDALE HWY BAKERSFIELDDetails
KTheft10/13/11. 03:30 PM.3800 BLOCK HALEY ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
LTheft10/13/11. 02:40 PM.600 BLOCK TEXAS ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
MBurglary10/13/11. 01:30 PM.2400 BLOCK OF CHRISTMAS TREE LN BAKERSFIELDDetails
NAssault10/13/11. 01:12 PM.3100 BLOCK OF HIDDEN OAK DR BAKERSFIELDDetails
OAssault10/13/11. 12:50 PM.1500 BLOCK OF FLOWER ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
PBurglary10/13/11. 11:00 AM.200 BLOCK OF N STINE RD BAKERSFIELDDetails
QRobbery10/13/11. 10:01 AM.2700 BLOCK OF MING AV BAKERSFIELDDetails
RBurglary10/13/11. 09:30 AM.3600 BLOCK OF WIBLE RD BAKERSFIELDDetails
SBurglary10/13/11. 09:00 AM.2300 BLOCK OF WESTHOLME BL BAKERSFIELDDetails
TTheft10/13/11. 08:48 AM.1000 BLOCK OAK ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
UBurglary10/13/11. 08:45 AM.00 BLK LOMA LINDA DR BAKERSFIELDDetails
VAssault10/13/11. 08:31 AM.800 BLOCK OF T ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
WBurglary10/13/11. 08:00 AM.9800 BLOCK OF VERTRICE AV BAKERSFIELDDetails
XBurglary10/13/11. 08:00 AM.12300 BLOCK OF HILL COUNTRY DR BAKERSFIELDDetails
YBurglary10/13/11. 07:30 AM.6000 BLOCK OF NOGAL AV BAKERSFIELDDetails
ZTheft10/13/11. 07:30 AM.200 BLOCK T ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
Robbery10/13/11. 05:05 AM.700 BLOCK GAGE ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
Assault10/13/11. 02:05 AM.4800 BLOCK OF KENNY ST BAKERSFIELDDetails
Theft10/13/11. 12:00 AM.5100 BLOCK OF DOLFIELD AV BAKERSFIELDDetails

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