Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault05/17/12. 11300 BLOCK OF N. 99TH AVE PEORIADetails
BTheft05/17/12. 7600 BLOCK OF W. VOGEL AVE PEORIADetails
CTheft05/17/12. 13000 BLOCK OF W LOWDEN RD PEORIADetails
DTheft05/17/12. 18900 BLOCK OF N 83RD AVENUE PEORIADetails
ETheft05/17/12. 31000 BLOCK OF N 134TH DRIVE PEORIADetails
FTheft05/17/12. 20600 BLOCK OF N LAKE PLEASANT RD PEORIADetails
GTheft05/17/12. 8900 BLOCK OF W PEORIA AVENUE PEORIADetails
HTheft05/17/12. 13700 BLOCK OF N 88TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
ITheft05/17/12. 7600 BLOCK OF W VOGEL AVENUE PEORIADetails
JTheft05/17/12. 18600 BLOCK OF N 107TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
KTheft05/17/12. 9200 BLOCK OF W PEORIA AVENUE PEORIADetails
LBurglary05/17/12. 9500 BLOCK OF N 74TH DRIVE PEORIADetails
MBurglary05/17/12. 20400 BLOCK OF N 94TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
NBurglary05/17/12. 6800 BLOCK OF W SURREY AVENUE PEORIADetails
OBurglary05/17/12. 7300 BLOCK OF W NORTH LANE PEORIADetails
PBurglary05/17/12. 7400 BLOCK OF W TUMBLEWOOD DRIVE PEORIADetails
QBurglary05/17/12. 9100 BLOCK OF W JOHN CABOT RD PEORIADetails
RBurglary05/17/12. 15800 BLOCK OF N 83RD AVENUE PEORIADetails
SBurglary05/17/12. 7300 BLOCK OF W CANTERBURY DRIVE PEORIADetails
TAssault05/17/12. 11300 BLOCK OF N 99TH AVENUE PEORIADetails