Peoria, AZ Daily Crime Reports - 04/24/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
ATheft04/24/12. 7200 BLOCK OF W. PEORIA AVE PEORIADetails
BAssault04/24/12. 7800 BLOCK OF W. SWEETWATER AVE PEORIADetails
CTheft04/24/12. 8600 BLOCK OF W. LAUREL LANE PEORIADetails
DAssault04/24/12. 8700 BLOCK OF W. KELTON LANE PEORIADetails
ETheft04/24/12. 10100 BLOCK OF N 91ST AVENUE PEORIADetails
FTheft04/24/12. 30000 BLOCK OF N SUNRISE PT PEORIADetails
GTheft04/24/12. 7200 BLOCK OF W PEORIA AVENUE PEORIADetails
HTheft04/24/12. 8600 BLOCK OF W LAUREL LANE PEORIADetails
IBurglary04/24/12. 8900 BLOCK OF W SALTER DRIVE PEORIADetails
JBurglary04/24/12. 8400 BLOCK OF W DONALD DRIVE PEORIADetails
KBurglary04/24/12. 14100 BLOCK OF N 88TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
LBurglary04/24/12. 9000 BLOCK OF W PEORIA AVENUE PEORIADetails
MBurglary04/24/12. 7200 BLOCK OF W NORTH LANE PEORIADetails
NBurglary04/24/12. 12400 BLOCK OF N 86TH LANE PEORIADetails
OBurglary04/24/12. 7500 BLOCK OF W DREYFUS DRIVE PEORIADetails
PBurglary04/24/12. 13600 BLOCK OF N 73RD DRIVE PEORIADetails
RAssault04/24/12. 8700 BLOCK OF W KELTON LANE PEORIADetails

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