Peoria, AZ Daily Crime Reports - 01/27/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault01/27/12. 8600 BLOCK OF W GOLDEN LANE PEORIADetails
BAssault01/27/12. 6800 BLOCK OF W CACTUS RD PEORIADetails
CAssault01/27/12. 8900 BLOCK OF W IRONWOOD DRIVE PEORIADetails
DBurglary01/27/12. 15100 BLOCK OF N 75TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
EBurglary01/27/12. 11200 BLOCK OF N 99TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
FBurglary01/27/12. 20300 BLOCK OF N 105TH AVENUE PEORIADetails
GTheft01/27/12. 8900 BLOCK OF W BELL RD PEORIADetails
ITheft01/27/12. 7900 BLOCK OF W PEORIA AVENUE PEORIADetails
JTheft01/27/12. 7300 BLOCK OF W ALEXANDRIA WY PEORIADetails
KTheft01/27/12. 7400 BLOCK OF W CACTUS RD PEORIADetails
LTheft01/27/12. 8600 BLOCK OF N 103RD AVENUE PEORIADetails
MTheft01/27/12. 9600 BLOCK OF W OLIVE AVENUE PEORIADetails
NTheft01/27/12. 7600 BLOCK OF W CROCUS DRIVE PEORIADetails
OTheft01/27/12. 13600 BLOCK OF N 69TH DRIVE PEORIADetails
PTheft01/27/12. 30000 BLOCK OF N SUNRISE PT PEORIADetails
QTheft01/27/12. 7500 BLOCK OF W BELL RD PEORIADetails
RAssault01/27/12. 8900 BLOCK OF W. IRONWOOD DRIVE PEORIADetails
SAssault01/27/12. 8600 BLOCK OF W. GOLDEN LANE PEORIADetails
TTheft01/27/12. 7400 BLOCK OF W. CACTUS ROAD PEORIADetails
UTheft01/27/12. 7300 BLOCK OF W. ALEXANDRIA PEORIADetails
VAssault01/27/12. 6800 BLOCK OF W. CACTUS ROAD PEORIADetails

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