Montgomery, AL Daily Crime Reports - 05/09/2012

Crime Map
  Crime Date Address Link
AAssault05/09/12. 09:23 AM.APRIL STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
BBurglary05/09/12. 11:01 AM.200 BLOCK OF N LEWIS STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
CBurglary05/09/12. 11:00 AM.4600 BLOCK OF CHRYSTAN RD MONTGOMERYDetails
DBurglary05/09/12. 02:02 PM.1000 BLOCK OF GLEN GRATTAN MONTGOMERYDetails
EBurglary05/09/12. 02:15 PM.2200 BLOCK OF AJAX STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
FBurglary05/09/12. 10:37 PM.200 BLOCK OF JEFFREY DRIVE MONTGOMERYDetails
GBurglary05/09/12. 08:43 PM.3400 BLOCK OF WICKHAM RD MONTGOMERYDetails
HBurglary05/09/12. 10:27 AM.5600 BLOCK OF CARMICHAEL RD MONTGOMERYDetails
IBurglary05/09/12. 02:21 PM.6000 BLOCK OF MERIDIAN LANE MONTGOMERYDetails
JBurglary05/09/12. 06:57 PM.5900 BLOCK OF CARMEL DRIVE MONTGOMERYDetails
LBurglary05/09/12. 06:58 AM.3900 BLOCK OF WESLEY DRIVE MONTGOMERYDetails
MBurglary05/09/12. 05:35 PM.2100 BLOCK OF E SOUTH LVD MONTGOMERYDetails
NBurglary05/09/12. 07:26 AM.3800 BLOCK OF MACLAMAR RD MONTGOMERYDetails
OBurglary05/09/12. 06:13 AM.3800 BLOCK OF OAK STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
PBurglary05/09/12. 03:50 PM.3800 BLOCK OF APRIL STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
QBurglary05/09/12. 08:04 AM.200 BLOCK OF S EASTDALE RD MONTGOMERYDetails
RBurglary05/09/12. 06:30 PM.6200 BLOCK OF ATLANTA HWY MONTGOMERYDetails
SBurglary05/09/12. 07:40 PM.1800 BLOCK OF TAYLOR RD MONTGOMERYDetails
TRobbery05/09/12. 01:26 AM.2100 BLOCK OF ESTER STREET MONTGOMERYDetails
URobbery05/09/12. 09:38 PM.AUDUBON RD MONTGOMERYDetails
VTheft05/09/12. 11:36 AM.2800 BLOCK OF W EDGEMONT AVENUE MONTGOMERYDetails
WTheft05/09/12. 11:07 PM.5800 BLOCK OF ROXBORO DRIVE MONTGOMERYDetails
XTheft05/09/12. 09:22 PM.3700 BLOCK OF WARES FERRY RD MONTGOMERYDetails
YTheft05/09/12. 10:39 PM.TROY HWY MONTGOMERYDetails

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